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Good Coin Foundation

Good Coin Foundation is one of the initiators of the global coin joint consensus, with 10% of the total bookkeeping amount of globalcoin.

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Good coin foundation is a non-profit public company established in Singapore. It owns 40% of the income equity of goodinvest international holding company. Goodcoin fou foundation will use 20% of the acquired equity to dividends of goodcoin equity contract holders; 20% of the equity will be repurchased and destroyed in the secondary market.

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Our Services

Goodcoin investment accounting smart contract is developed based on Ethereum public chain. It is decentralized and can not be tampered with. It automatically executes some pre-defined rules and terms, with a total circulation of 3 billion.

Application access

Provide a variety of access methods for developers to choose, compatible with scatter, easy to develop and adapt to the mobile terminal can go online.

Community support

Telegram official community, staff 24 hours continuous technical support.

Application and promotion

Improve the number of user coverage, improve application ranking, effectively increase product exposure, and bring more natural users.

Advertising services

Integrate the industry's high-quality traffic resources, reduce the promotion and communication costs of advertisers, and achieve more accurate matching of massive traffic.

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